Saturday, 3 February 2018

Captain Jacek Pasikowski

Live the Adventure: The Baltic Sea (somewhere on the way from the Swedish island of Utklippan to the Danish island of Christiansø).

"It was my first cruise on a yacht on the open sea and there were only two of us – myself and Captain Jacek Pasikowski. I was helping Jacek take his small yacht Fri (‘Free’ in Danish) from the coast of Sweden to Poland, across the Baltic Sea. It was a stormy day, but the captain – who has more than 40 years’ experience sailing in open seas – remained completely calm and relaxed, even though waves were breaking over him every few minutes."  Posted Tue 23 Jan, 2018 - (theGuardian)
Photograph & Text: Mikolaj Nowacki

(Breathtaking Visions of Earth: Outdoor Photographer of the Year)

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