Sunday, 28 February 2021

Blood of the Vampire

Barbara Shelley and Donald Wolfit

Blood of the Vampire, 1958
Directed by Henry Cass

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Priscilla and the Road Runner

Road Runner, 1970
Gelatin silver print

Priscilla, Jones Beach, 1969
Photo: Joseph Szabo
Gelatin silver print

Friday, 26 February 2021

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Ocean View, Virginia

Girls at trailer camp for defence workers. Ocean View, Virginia, outskirts of Norfolk. March 1941.  Medium format acetate negative by John Vachon. Shorpy

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Dana Schutz

Fight in an Elevator
by Dana Schutz -  2015
Oil on canvas, 96 x 90 inches

Elevator, 2017
by Dana Schutz
Oil on canvas

Monday, 22 February 2021

Tom Wood

Our Day Out,  New Brighton, 1982
Photograph: Tom Wood

Fashion sisters (sunglasses and platforms), 1973
Photograph: Tom Wood

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Brassaï - Paris

Les Escaliers de Montmartre, Paris, 1936
Photograph: Brassaï
Gelatin silver print

Photograph: Brassaï - 1934
Gelatin silver print

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Giant Clam

Tridacna giant clam in Komodo National Park, The brightly coloured mantle of a giant clam protects it from bright sunlight. Photograph: Nick Hobgood, 2006.

Friday, 19 February 2021

Sara Cwynar

Louis Vuitton Jeff Koons Rubens bag
Artwork by Sara Cwynar - 2020
Archival pigment print mounted on Dibond, 76 x 91 cm.

Sara Cwynar photographed in her studio, 30th July, 2015
( - Habitat)

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Jean Dubuffet

Grand Maitre of the Outsider, 1947
by Jean Dubuffet
Oil & emulsion on canvas

Personnage (Buste) 1962
Gouache on paper

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Ruth Orkin

‘David’, Penn Station, New York, 1947
Photograph: Ruth Orkin

Jimmy, from the series 'The Storyteller' NYC, 1946
Photograph: Ruth Orkin

Monday, 15 February 2021

Teddy Girls

The Last of the Teddy Girls, #1 1955
Photograph: Ken Russell

The Last of the Teddy Girls, #2, 1955
Photograph: Ken Russell

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Shock Horror

The Vault of Horror, March 1954
Artwork by Johnny Craig

Shock SuspenStories, March 1954
Artwork by Jack Kamen

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Boris Ignatovich

Men showering, 1935
Photograph: Boris Ignatovich
Gelatin silver print
Tea Drinking in the Village of Ramenskoye, 1928
Photograph: Boris Ignatovich

Friday, 12 February 2021

Charles Harry Jones

Gardener & Photographer

Bean (Longpod) ca.1900
Photograph: Charles Jones

Eleven Cauliflowers, ca.1900
Photograph: Charles Jones

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Eduardo Paolozzi

DuMont Head (bronze) 37 cm. - 1984

Kardinal Syn plaster and string, 46 x 46 x 28 cm.
by Eduardo Paolozzi - 1984
Tate London

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

New Brighton

New Brighton, England. 1983-85
From 'The Last Resort'
Photograph: Martin Parr
(Magnum Photos)

New Brighton. England, 1983-85
From 'The Last Resort'
Photograph: Martin Parr
(Magnum Photos)

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Danville, Virginia

Nancy, Danville, Virginia, 1965
Photograph: Emmet Gowin
Gelatin silver print

Youth, Danville, Virginia, 1966
Photograph: Emmet Gowin
Gelatin silver print

Monday, 8 February 2021

Strange Fish

tunicates from East Timor. November 14 2004
Photograph: Nick Hobgood

Mola Mola, Sunfish, 14 July 2009
Photograph: Per-Ola Norman

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Tense, Nervous?

Los Angeles circa 1954-57. Anacin, Faster, safer relief from tense, nervous headaches. Our first in series of billboard photos from the files of Pacific Outdoor Advertising. (Shorpy)

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Comic Art

A detail from the Wallace Wood cover to Weird Science No 14, July–August 1952. The artistic team of Harry Harrison and Wallace Wood encouraged Gaines to publish the first ‘real’ science-fiction comics. EC added science fiction to their line with the May–June 1950 launch of the first issues of Weird Science and Weird Fantasy.

Wonder Woman and the Cheetah featured in a DC comic. While the Cheetah may not be the most popular cat woman DC Comics has been responsible for, her high-profile appearance in the “Wonder Woman” sequel has a chance to earn her a whole new generation of fans. DC via The New York Times by Devin Fuller

Thursday, 4 February 2021

New York City

Orchard Street. New York City, 1947
Photograph: Dan Weiner

Broadway, New York City, 1951
Photograph: Dan Weiner

Tuesday, 2 February 2021


Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini giving a speech at Fiat Lingotto factory in Turin, November 1932. Unknown Photographer.

Mussolini's booking file following his arrest by Swiss police,
June 19, 1903, Bern

Monday, 1 February 2021


Birmingham Special, Rural Retreat, V.A.
Photograph: O. Winston Link - 1957
Gelatin silver print

Hot Shot Eastbound at the Drive-In, Iaeger, West Virginia
Photograph: O. Winston Link - 1956
Gelatin silver print