Friday, 24 January 2020

Two Female Portraits

Femme à la voilette (Woman in veil) 1891
Oil on canvas

Lissy, 1931
Watercolour and pencil on paper

Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler was a German painter of the avant-garde whose works were banned as "degenerate art", and in some cases destroyed, by the Third Reich. She was murdered in a former psychiatric institution at Sonnenstein castle in Pirna under Action T4, a forced euthanasia program of Nazi Germany. (Wikipedia)

Thursday, 23 January 2020

The Virginians

Children of construction workers in trailer camp. Portsmouth, Virginia. Medium format acetate negative by John Vachon for the Farm Security Administration, March 1941. (Shorpy)

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

David Attenborough

Naturalist David Attenborough I, London, England
Photograph: Nadav Kander - 2012

A Venezuelan Troupial (Icterus icterus) photographed on the west coast of Curacao, 26 February 2013. Photograph: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Monday, 20 January 2020


Benita Douglas-Robertson above Matt Gomez
at the Blizzard Ball, London Hilton, 1981-89
Photograph: Dafydd Jones
Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

Charlotte Stockdale, Vintage, ca.1985
Photograph: Dafydd Jones
Gelatin Silver Print

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Recent Art

Bright Yellow House on Water, 2018
Art work by James Casebere
Pigment print

Future airmen, 2008
by Rostislav Lebedev

Friday, 17 January 2020

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Friday, 10 January 2020


The Hypochondriac, 1860-63
Oil on panel

The Imaginary Illness, ca.1860-62
Oil on panel

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Christine & Mandy

Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies leave the Old Bailey after the first day of Stephen Ward’s trial in 1963. It was through Ward, an osteopath, that Keeler was introduced to Profumo. Photograph: Hulton-Deutsch Collection - CORB

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Irving Penn

Truman Capote, New York, 1948
Photograph: Irving Penn
Gelatin silver print

Marlene Dietrich, New York, 1948
Photograph: Irving Penn
Gelatin silver print

Monday, 6 January 2020

The Dead Class

Die tote Klasse (The dead class) 1975. Installation, wooden floor, bench, tables, puppets, clothes, by Tadeusz Kantor. 150 x 150 x 300cm. 2007 acquired by PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V. Photo: Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Sibylle Forster.