Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lower East Side

Allen Ginsberg, 1953
Myself seen by William Burroughs
Gelatin silver print

Myself seen by William Burroughs, Kodak Retina new-bought 2'd hand from Bowery hock-shop, our apartment roof Lower East Side between Avenues B & C, Tompkins Park trees under new antennae. Alan Ansen, Gregory Corso & Jack Kerouac visited, Jack's The Subterraneans records much of the scene, Burroughs & I edited letter-manuscripts he'd sent from Mexico & South America, Alene Lee ("Mardou Fox" of The Subterraneans) typed final drafts. Neighborhood was heavily Polish & Ukranian, some artists, junkies, medical students, cheap restaurants like "Leshkos" corner 7th & A, rent was only ¼ of my monthly $120 wage as newspaper copyboy. Time of "The Green Automobile" poem to Cassady, Fall 1953.
                                                                                        Allen Ginsberg


  1. Two mythic figures, one capturing the other. Ginsberg was photographing furiously when I met him at a book signing in Boulder, Colorado in 1985 -- he even captured me and a friend!

    1. I looked up the Kodak Retina, nice camera. I'm glad he bought it and captured these great shots.
      From what you say he must have taken an enormous amount of photographs.